02 januar 2007

Chocolate Withdrawal Syndrome

No more candy left from christmas... so I had to make a cake. It is a creative variety of the brownie sort. Dark chocolate brownie with rasberries. Yum! It's simple to make and faaantastic. Here's the receipe:

300 g dark chocolate (good quality 70% cocoabutter)
300 g butter (I use unsalted, but anything goes..)
250 g flour
430 g sugar (half and half white and brown sugar)
5 eggs
2 ts of vanillasugar or vanillaessence
1-2,5 dl frozen rasberries

Melt butter and stir in chocolate until melted. Add rasberries. Wip eggs and sugar until fluffy. Stir inn all the ingredients into the egg and sugar mix. Pour into a big tin lined with paper. The bigger the tin the thinner the brownie.

ca 30 min 200 degrees C

It should be slighty damp/runny in the middle as it will harden up when cool because of the sugar. Yummy warm and cold. To die for with vanilla ice-cream and some chopped almonds.


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