07 desember 2006

Gifts from Mari

I got this in the mail some time ago from Mari in Finland. She is so sweet and talented. She turnes anything paper into lovely cards and paper-crafty stuff. There was yarn, a lovely card she made from some paper I sent her and (!) a christmas calendar. With chocolate!!! And they are delicious! My son has discovered it and now he's claming every 3. chocolate as his. So the three of us are charing it now. (My daughter is so small, no choc for her... more for the rest of us..). Luckily, sometimes my son will chare with me. (Puh-leeese, can I have a bite) Honestly, he has his own calendar with toys and a little sweet every day. Grr, don't mess with my chocolate...


Dolci said...

Å, for en flott pakke å få! Blir nesten litt misunnelig her jeg sitter. Både av garn og sjokolade :-)

torsdag, 07 desember, 2006  

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