28 desember 2006

God Jul & Godt Nytt År

Merry Christmas and a happy new year to everyone! Hope You all have a superduper holiday!!

Tomorrow is a day to put my feet up and enjoy a rare moment of having no-plans-at-all.

Blog you soon!

20 desember 2006


Oh, swoon finally all done with the wrapping! I fastened the nametags with lacker this year and I must say it looks really cool. The stamp says "God Jul" (Merry Christmas) and it turns out shiny and red. Loovely!

Åh, dånedimpen. Nå er jeg endelig ferdig med all innpakning! Jeg har festet navnelappene med lakk i år og det ser kult ut. Det står god jul på stempelet og de blir røde og blanke. Nydelig!

Some more of the stuff now wrapped and packed in bags in a secret location. (My son discovered the last one.. Ooh, this is for me, mummy!)

Noen flere av gavene som nå er pakket og gjemt på hemmelig sted. (Eldstemann fant dem. Ååh, denne er til meg, mamma!)

More gifts...

Busy, busy, these last weeks. Only one present to go now. ^-^ Tomorrow we are planning on getting our last shopping done before christmas. (fingers crossed)

I'm not saying who these are for. You will have to wait. I made a lot this year. The bib was so much fun to make, I must make more of them.

Det har vært travelt de siste ukene. Nå har jeg bare en gave igjen. ^-^ I morgen planlegger vi å få gjort unna den siste julehandelen. Sier ikke hvem disse er til, det er jo gaver. Jeg har laget maaange i år. Smekken var så morsom å lage, må lage flere.

17 desember 2006

Presents ahoi

Here are some of the little gifts I have been working on the last weeks. Aaalmost done now...

Her er noen av de små gavene jeg har jobbet med de siste ukene. Neeesten ferdig nå...

08 desember 2006

Christmas ballerina-shoes for Matilda

This is a test-shoe for Matilda. The pictures are bad, as there was no daylight. It really looks cute in real-life. Not as gaudy as in the pictures. I'm trying out different patterns to see what will fit Matildas foot. It is very important that I get it right. Little princesses need shoes, even if they don't have A4-shaped feet. These can be turned inside out to make a pair of golden shoes. The fabric is chinese silk. They turned out quite thick. The finished ones probably need to be thinner. Hmm, however silk-fabric is quite cold.

07 desember 2006

Gifts from Mari

I got this in the mail some time ago from Mari in Finland. She is so sweet and talented. She turnes anything paper into lovely cards and paper-crafty stuff. There was yarn, a lovely card she made from some paper I sent her and (!) a christmas calendar. With chocolate!!! And they are delicious! My son has discovered it and now he's claming every 3. chocolate as his. So the three of us are charing it now. (My daughter is so small, no choc for her... more for the rest of us..). Luckily, sometimes my son will chare with me. (Puh-leeese, can I have a bite) Honestly, he has his own calendar with toys and a little sweet every day. Grr, don't mess with my chocolate...

Japanese sweets... yum!

I went to a japanese shop in Oslo to get some sweets for my japanese class' last meeting. Look at the cute packaging!!!

The one with the cat and dog on the front reads "kiteirando" (Kittyland). There was also japanese cakes with red bean paste in them. Delicious, but a very strange consitency, the white stuff around them (some sort of rice dough) is soft and when you pick them up they sort of sag (!). Odd, but interesting and very sweet. Me and my sister ended up eating almost the hole bag (with some help from her flatmate).The Milky sweet I really didn't care for but the packaging is soooo cute.