31 oktober 2006

Happy Halloween!!

Cuteness-overdose? Yes, please!
Working with Miss-Silje, I have found a friend with the same gooorgious taste as mine (blush). She has made the characters and I am designing their clothes and accessories (Yay!). This is som much fun that I find it hard to sneak in time for any other craft project at the moment. I have now finished christmas versions (nisse girl and boy) and have started on a cowboy and indian illustration. (Their horse is SuperCute).

30 oktober 2006

No. 6 - Bag for Ingunn

Finally ready..

26 oktober 2006

Busy busy

I haven't had much time lately, as my oldest boy is home with a fever. (Lots of snuggling, cocoa and watching cartoons.)
For Ask'laddens fall-fair I made these envelopes and stationary and a small coinpurse. Hope to have a few more finished for sale tonight.

18 oktober 2006

New old things

I love these. The cups and saucers are unmarked, but I really like them, and they are big and perfect for tea. The green and yellow are figgjo porcelain, I think they might be from the 60s? The coloures are some of my favourites in the hoooole world!!

14 oktober 2006

Lost in Space

This is what I sent Philippa in England for the
Open Yours Too swap. Sadly, it got lost along the way, don't know how that happends. It must be a month now and it still hasen't reached her. I wonder where the package ends up... Hope my little くま (Kuma=Bear) finds a good home.


With the onset of a nasty tendon infection, I'm not getting much done. Started a knit project, but it is still only halfway done as I can only knit for 5 min before my arm goes all stiff. Trying to make a hat for the Ask'ladden "fall" project. (Tonje did almost the same thing, but I have to practice my knitting see..). Or maybe I'll just use it myself. Hihi, I almost never keep any of the things I make, so that would be different.

07 oktober 2006

Messy leftovers

Skarf, harump, will look good, promise. I saved all my little leftovers and cut-offs from the wool babyblanket that I made for my daughter. They have been - sort of - felted. I'm crocheting around it and will make some embroidery. And then felt again perhaps. Hmm, well, it's an experiment, time will show...

Banana baby-bag

I did this as part of a challenge we have every month in our local craft group; Ask'ladden. This month was "fruit". Hence the banana bag. Fabric from Ikea.

My son was gonna have curtains in this fabric, but he changed his mind. "I like bananas, but red is my favourite colour, they just won't do mummy." Red it is then...

04 oktober 2006

Sneak peak

I'm trying to make a new presentation of my illustrations. If you have time, please take a look. How does the pop-up windows work on your computer? I think I might have to change that...

03 oktober 2006

Another doll..

Ok, this is Momoko, also a japanese doll. I love her monchcichi t-shirt!! Taihen kawaii (supercute in japanese)

Look at other Momokodolls.
Made by PetWorks.