28 september 2006

New blog-friend...

Please check out Iben's blog. She makes really cool jewellery.
Can't wait to see more of your stuff Ib!

Slow going...

I just don't seem to get that much done these days.
No wonder, Paja Pullip is sitting on my keyboard!
No, really, my little baby-girl is teething.
I love japanese dolls, they are som much more fun than Barbie...
Maybe I should take pictures of some of my other dolls?
Too freaky??
Pullip is made by JunPlanning. They make fantastic toys and dolls. There are quite a few other japanese toyproducers that I like, hmm. My dolls should perhaps have their own blog...

Knit & crochet skarf..

I have a lot of knitwear that I have finished, but they need a home. Anybody interested? :)

Miss Silje

This is going out to Miss Silje shortly. :)

Piggy got a flower for you..

Yes, miss Ane. This will be yours shortly. :)

I used one of the lovely tags that I got from Mari in Finland. (the one with the map) I just love using her hand made things. But the rest of the lovely papercraft I got from her will be mine for now. (Aaall miiine..)

27 september 2006

New Etsy shop

My Etsy shop
Nothing there yet, but there will be shortly.

24 september 2006

Open Yours Too - arrived yesterday!!

My package from Mari in Finland arrived yesterday. Lots and lots of lovely hand-made papercraft. There was alså lots of Marimekko stuff: lovely big folder (gonna use it for my japanese study group papers - now they will even be organized..) two notebooks, some Marimekko napkins, and lots of more.

I was really happy when my package arrived. The day before, see, I got this small, rather heavy package containing a massive chocolate bar. I was happy for the chocolate, and it was digested shortly after (with a little help from my family - we all love chocolate!!!). But there was nothing homemade in the parcel. At first I was a little bit dissapointed, but that soon melted with the consumption of chocolate and by the end of the bar I would have been happy with only that. But nooo, yesterday a BIG package arrived at the postoffice. So much stuff!! It seemes that it was really hot in Finland and the chocolate had melted or something, so she sent it on by it self. How nice!!

I'm looking at all the cards she made and wow - they are really great! I hope what I sent of to England is enough. I worked a long time on my little red amigurumi kuma (bear) and the letterhead, so I hope the lady receiving will take that into consideration. :)

I would like to encourage everyone to try swapping. This was my first time and it was fun!

Finodino - by miss Silje

Taihen kawaii! Supercute illustrations!
Here's your letterhead Miss Silje!

18 september 2006


Look at these lovely fabrics! My nice mother-in-law gave them to me after clearing out the attic. I really like them! Trying to decide what to make. There's a lot of the one with the big red flowers on it. :)

15 september 2006


Good night! Last thing I did today before going to sleep; an angel-bear. Hope this gif-animation works, haven't posted one before...

Now off to bed!


Today I made a pattern for baby-boots. Sunni looks fantastic in these. Still trying to decide if they should be sown with ugg-style with the edge out or not. I made these two to see if the pattern I made works - and it did. I know it's a simple pattern, but I haven't made that many patterns before so I'm real proud of myself for making it work.

The pink ones will mach the jacket I already made for her some time ago, but only fits her now. ('cause I made it a bit big, hehe..) Perfect as the weather is getting colder and she needs wool to keep her lovely chubby body warm.

Bag - anyone?

I have a lot of handcrafted things that I am thinking of selling. I'll only charge a small amount for them... If anyone is interested, please send me an e-mail or leave a comment and I'll contact you back to say if the item is taken. I'll be mostly selling these to people I know, but I will consider sending them of to other people, should anyone be interested (you will have to pay for the shipping).

These are lightly felted crochet bags, some with lining in silk, some not. Every detail is handmade by me. :)

I will add more items later.

This bag finally finished...

I had to change this, the jeans-pocket didn't look good. I think it looks cute now. The fabric I bought from kitty-craft is supercute. I have to order some more when it re-opens. :)

11 september 2006

Open Yours Too - Sooooon

I'm waiting eagerly to see what the postman might bring me from Finland. This is a tiny sample of what I'm sending off to the UK. :)

More babyshoes

Über-kawaii! I'm trying to work out a boot-like babyshoe. Thought it might have laces - gladiator-style. Hihi!

10 september 2006

Re-decorating in ice-torquoise

Almost done now, just a few small fiddly bits and half the ceiling. The colour turned out stronger than I thought (as usual) but I really like it. I just want to start hanging the curtains right away, but noooo, have to wait til it's finished.

07 september 2006

Open Yours Too - Swap

I'm participating in my first swap (Hurra!) on Open Yours Too. I made a postcard, but forgot to scan it when it was finished. Anyways, it has been sent of to Finland now.

I recived a postcard from England and OMG was I inpressed? (Yes, I was, I mean - am, totally..) This postcard is SO nice. I'm thinking of framing it. Right now it stand on my display shelf. Thank you, thank you Philippa for the lovely card! I will work hard and try to find something that you will like. (Her card is - obviously - the second one.)


I thought these might be nice to put on the babyshoes that I make. I was going to call them baby-ballerinas but I'm also making boys-shoes, so now they are just babysko (babyshoes).

06 september 2006

Bags galore - progress ahoi

Hei alle sammen! Jeg jobber meg jevn og trutt framover. Det er bare å si i fra om dere har noen spesielle ønsker. Her er status foreløbig:

Lise: ferdig
Maya: ferdig
Silje: ferdig
Ingunn: påbegynt
Karianne: trenger mål...
Iben: påbegynt
Mona C:
Cecilie: Påbegynt

Makeupbag and a purse

The pink one doesn't have a home yet, so if anyone feel like adopting it for a small amount of monnies, let me know. The white one I have a plan for already.

More baby-shoes...

These are reversible. The fabric has gold details in it. Wooo, gotta love that! I'm hoping to have at least 5 pairs ready this week. They will go on sale in a local shop. (YAY!) Now I'm working to get the sizes right and to make a couple of pairs for boys.

Cardholder-holder finished

It's finally done. (Actually it has been for some time, but I didn't have a button for it.) Turned out cute. Good idea, thank you Lise!

Makeup/jewellery drawstring-bag

This little bag will have metal eyelets and a ribbon to draw it shut. Also i think it needs decoration. Since I am on an embroidery frenzy, why not... Will have to think about it...

No. 5 - Bag for Ingunn

Siljes is almost finished and now I'm working on Ingunns. The coulores are light oldy-worldy pink, hamp and dark chocolate for the lining. It wil have one long strap And embroidery around the bottom. (Pattern for the embroidery is from a japanese book I ordered from Kitty-Craft.) I really want to start on that pattern.