29 juni 2006

Felted crochet bag...

Another old project I will try to have done this week...
This will become a princess-bunny-bag.
Originally it was intended as a pink skull-bag, but alas it was not to be.
Bunnies and pink and gold and oooh!

Crochet blogs

Hurra! I'm now in the crochet blogs ring.
Hopefully someone will look at my stuff.
Must add link to all the blogs I love.

28 juni 2006

Slow craft day...

Haven't really done all that much craftyness today...
Posting some pictures instead...

26 juni 2006


Oh, look at all the nice retro-style crafting material!!
This is stuff that belonged to my boyfriends grandmother. I will find use for eeevery last bit.
There are some nice and tiiiny crochet needles as well.
Also I found a small unfinished crochet project that I thought I would try and use for something.
I love tiny crochet, fidget fidget!

Patterns for future projects...

I'm thinking of using some of these sketches for some bags. the mouse will be on a small purse (probably).
The bird will become embroidery (sometime in the future when I have lots of time - in about 20 years time then...) on a bag - probably - for my sister. As she is A Bird (norwegian=Fuggl, how to translate??) Hm, noone will get this but my sister... oh well...

Since I'm not to start any new projects I didn't get anything done today. Shame on me!! I stink at finishing projects!!!
Tomorrow is another busy day, hopefully I will have a few minutes for something crafty.

23 juni 2006

Gifts for my friend further north...

This is the stuff I sent Kristin. Hopefully she received it today or will get it tomorrow morning. Anywhoo, no internet at her house as I remember it so I`m posting it tonight...
The packet contained a small cat made in linen and cotton, with face made in simple embroidery stiches and a crochet flower around the neck.
Also quite a bit of homemade stationary and gift-cards with the same design.
Kristin likes cats and asked for the cat-illustration...
See you soon Kristin!!!

Have a lovely summer!

Stationary and cards

I'm sending these out to some lucky people (hah - I'm a stalker... by mail).
Letterhead and little square cards: "cat with mouse on head"
The paper is sort of shimmering - hard to see...
Fab as I love all things sparkly.

In the mail - gift

Sending off some homemade things to my friend Kristin who lives in Trondheim...

22 juni 2006

Storm's favourite

Pancake-wednesday. Yum! These are american-style pancakes, not the kind we usually make in Norway. With marple syrup. Druuule!

Bunny-tote done!!

Wile the baby was sleeping this morning I sewed up the final seams on the bunny-tote. Cute...
It's made with three kinds of cottonfabric and has a linen lining.
Wonder who it's for, hmmmm...
I just realised that the reflection of my sewingmachines is visible in the glass on the last picture. I`m sewing in the livingroom util my new desk is built. Will have a station for sewing, painting and the computer. Yay!!!!

One down, around 150 to go. Sigh. I already want to give up and start a new project.
What is wrong with me?
I have sooo many ideas...


No new projects for a week, while I finish old projects... Lots to to...

20 juni 2006

My favourite #2

I bought this from fredflare and I'm in love with it. I keep my makeup in it. Good quality and funny design. Love it!

Momoko looking at the garden...

This is my japanese Momoko-doll. I don't know if it is visible, but she has the cutest monchicchi t-shirt on under the jacket.


Golden crochet snowflakes

Golden snowflakes!
Bought a new crochet book and there was this pattern. I'm making it with gold embroidery thread. Maybe something for christmas?? Oooh, I must put beads on them...

My favourite #1

Right now I use this bag all the time. Emma and Tommy sendt it from Australia. I got if for christmas and haven't dared to use it until recently. It's made from cotton so I was afraid it would get soggy on the snow. Its from Ultrafunki bags. Emma's friend makes them apparently. I think they are made in Adelaide, but can't find out more about them. A new bag for Emma is on the TO DO LIST.

And that is getting looong..

13 juni 2006

Tiny brooch

Planning to put this on one of the bunny-bags. It's really small... I bought the plastic butterflybutton in London many years ago. Think it is cute and I have a few. Now I itch to use the swarovski beads I bought at Perleslottet (beadcastle). Oh how they spaarkleeee. I want to use them and I want to keep them. My precious!!

Golden crochet bracelet...

This is the bracelet I started this morning. Had all the girls and their babies over for lunch, so it's not finished.
Fun to have the living room floor full of tiny girls and boys. Lovely chubbiness all around...

09 juni 2006

Dino bag for Storm

Storm has requested a red bag with a dinosaur on it. This is what I have made so far. It|s simple embroidery on a wool felted type fabric. Maybe it will have chrochet handles...

My craft projects are coming along in snail-pace, lots of other stuff to to. Another week or so and I'll have more time. Hurra!

cherry blossom

Look how beautiful they are...

05 juni 2006

Drawings - cat and dog - and lamb

These are little tags that I want to put on the things I give away. Lots of babygifts these days. Nice to have my own imagery on the things I give away.

04 juni 2006

Quilt guilt

This was a present for my mother-in-law on her birthday. I handed it over to her and then had to take it back to finnish a few seams. Still not done though. Ran out of thread. Tomorrow it WILL be ready for her!

Another bunny bag

This is turning out sorta cute. The pink and green fabric on the bottom part is lovely. I have to use it for another project. Storm has asked me when I'm going to make his bag. So I have found some red fabric (his favourite colour) and thought I would made a dinosaur on it. He loooves dinos!

Felted bag

I found these lightly felted bags while trying to tidy my workroom. I made it about a year ago and they must have drowned in my craftsupplies. I liked this one and it's nice to rediscover things.

Aaalmost done..

Only three rows left and it's all done. A lot of loose ends to weave in though. This is for our other neighbour, who is having a baby in, well, 3 months or so. At least I'm not late with the babypresent...

Green machine

Look at how lovely the garden is now!! (I hate weeding, but the blossoming cherry trees makes everything look nice) Now if only it would get warmer!!!

I love leftovers...

Ahh, leftover cake... Yum.
A lot of playing today.. I have been a dinosaur, dog, and a riding-snail (yupp!). And my son made soup on the kitchen floor. Lego-soup.. interesting.