31 mai 2006

My mothers present all done

This is what they look like:

My first amigurumi...

I saw the lovely amigurumi at gourmet amigurumi and I WANT ONE. They are so cute and perfect. I'm trying to make one myself, but it's hard as I have no pattern and have to make it up while I'm crocheting. My amigurumi is similar to the ones I have seen, but I try not to just copy. I figure that if I kan make one similar to those I have seen and learn in the process. Then the next one I make will be all my design...

Now to make the arms and legs. I'm thinking she will need a little hat and a bag. Also she will have striped socks and maybe a little red jacket. Now sure about the jacket yet. Her hair was originally white (she was planned as a little lamb), but now I think she will be more like a rabbit.

Here are some images of her:

23 mai 2006

Gift for my mum

I started these when my son was three months old and now that my daughter is the same age I figure it's about time to finish them. I'm hoping she will use them in her new kitchen.

Hm, are they called oven-mittens in english? Not really mittens are they...

Yay, I'm so lucky!

Our nice neighbour Wenche is moving and she was going to throw away these lovely fabrics. My mother in law suggested I might use them instead.
Yay! I love them! They have old patterns and they will definately be used.. I already have plans for the pink flower fabric. And Storm wants a bag to carry his toys in. Lots of lace to.

Another baby blankie

There is just enough yarn left for another babyblanket. Almost done now. I like the coloures a lot. They are perfect for spring especially as two of our neighbours are pregnant.

14 mai 2006

Bunad for my little princess

This is going to be a baby fantasy-bunad (bunad is a norwegian traditional costume) for little Sol.
It's for her to wear on the 17. of May celebrations here in Gjerdrum. She's going to be sooo cuuuteeeee!

New baby gift for our neighbour

Finally, blanket for little Martin! And I made a little bunny-bag for his big sis. Think they turned out cute. The rabbit is a sort of wobbly, but I'm learning... I should put an L sign on my sewing machine.

I used the stamps and stickers I got from alanzi alonzo in Japan for the wrapping.

12 mai 2006

Baby outfit almost done..

Now all I have to do is finnish the buttonholes. Hope it's not another unfinnished project...

Cute summeroutfit for Sunni. Have to make a hat to go. Hmmm, and maybe a baby quilt.

07 mai 2006

Sunny's new jacket in progress

A jacket in wool for my 3 months old daughter. There's a yellow summer dress to go. working on it...

More crochet jewellerey

These are going in the mail to my sister...

And a bag in silk