26 juni 2006

Patterns for future projects...

I'm thinking of using some of these sketches for some bags. the mouse will be on a small purse (probably).
The bird will become embroidery (sometime in the future when I have lots of time - in about 20 years time then...) on a bag - probably - for my sister. As she is A Bird (norwegian=Fuggl, how to translate??) Hm, noone will get this but my sister... oh well...

Since I'm not to start any new projects I didn't get anything done today. Shame on me!! I stink at finishing projects!!!
Tomorrow is another busy day, hopefully I will have a few minutes for something crafty.


Knitted_Painting said...

I like your sketches they're very Spring-like ^_^ oh btw have you ever been to www.crochetville.org? I go there all the time it's a lot of fun talking about new projects and you make friends while being there ^_^ it's basically a forum for ppl who crochet...I sound like someone trying to sell stuff to you lol sorry=S

lørdag, 15 juli, 2006  

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